Myanmar Youth and Student Association (MYSA) as it is today is emerged as an unique group of Myanmar youth and students residing in Japan. MYSA is dedicated to Myanmar youth and students across Japan to put collective efforts to enhance the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience while fostering the friendship amongst them.

MYSA aims

  • To serve as an advocate, a resource and a representative of Myanmar youth and students in Japan 
  • To encourage and support Myanmar youth and students through dissemination of the information in relevance  
  • To be engaged in social and cultural affairs in order to enhance the mutual relationship between Myanmar and other countries
  • To contribute in the volunteering activities in order to response appropriately and competently to the needs


MYSA was established in 2011 in response to the call for the active participation of Myanmar youth and students in Asean-Japan society. Until the meeting of Dr.Zayar Lin with the representatives of the Asean Youth Network in Japan (AYNJ) and other student associations in 2011, there were none of Myanmar group engaging with them. Back then, the participation of Myanmar youth and students in the Asean- Japan activities was rather few although the other Asean countries had been strongly built a good relationship with AYNJ. In recognition of the matter, it was originally initiated by Dr. Zayar Lin and the core members who were enthusiastic and active Myanmar students, currently studying at the Japanese universities and graduates working in Japan.

At present, MYSA has been actively involving in broad aspects of academic, career, socio-cultural and volunteer activities to build and maintain close networks with other institutions. In collaboration with AYNJ, we have organized Asean academic forum, Asean cultural festival, Asean job fair and Asean sport festival every year. Additionally, since 2013, MYSA has been immensely participated in Myanmar Festival in Tokyo under the cooperation of Myanmar Embassy, Japan. We will continue to put our contributions in creating prestigious dignity through implementing various activities.

MYSA welcomes all Myanmar youth and students across Japan of any social and ethnic backgrounds who are interested to a part of MYSA.