Message from President

Dear volunteers and committees of MYSA, I wishing 2019 to be filled with success and happiness from MYSA.
Me and committee members of MYSA (volunteers) are honored to serve our Myanmar community in Japan for the year 2019.
It has been 7 years since our Nonprofit-Organization, MYSA was founded in Japan. It was made possible by hard work of many dedicated founders, presidents, leaders, and committees in MYSA. I would try my best to lead MYSA for the better performances of MYSA. And will not let the members, who believed in me and trusted me to disappoint with their decision of voting me as the president of 2019.I will try my best to all expectations.

In MYSA, there are variety of youths working or studying in their respective areas. I would like to request them to support and share their experiences with the new and junior committees.

Myanmar Culture, Sports, Career, Academic and Leadership to volunteering are our main objectives to all. Apart from Myanmar traditional events we lead in Japan, we would also like to work towards improvising ‘support and collaboration’ with various organizations in Japan.

From agenda of 2019, we intend to focus on supporting the youths in Japan with their living, academic and career. MYSA also aim for further community involvement such as collaboration with Japanese Youths, Universities, Companies and Community. I am eager to improve MYSA’s activities in 2019 and plan new affective events for both Myanmar & Japan Community.

I urge you to continue to offer MYSA your ardent support!

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Best Regards,
MYSA President (2019)